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U.S. athletes use emu oil (tm)

to stay in competitive condition for 2000 Olympics
Thirty years ago, emus were imported from Australia’s outback to create a new agricultural commodity in the United States. This summer, U.S. athletes are taking emu oil back to Sydney as they prepare for competition in the 2000 Summer Olympic games.

Many of America’s Olympic hopefuls have used emu oil during preparation leading up to the games and will continue to use emu oil in the training room to massage tired muscles and recover from muscle strains and ligament strains leading up to competitions.

Why emu oil?

Emus have been around for 80 million years or more. Aboriginal tribes found they could use oil from emu fat to heal wounds and to sooth inflammation of joints, muscles and ligaments.

What worked for these primitive tribesmen for hundreds of years continues to impress American consumers who regularly use emu oil for strains, sprains, sunburns, insect bites and myriad other uses.

“Emu oil is 100% natural and is recommend by medical professionals to help eliminate muscle soreness and joint pain,” reports Neil Williams, President of the American Emu Association and long time volleyball player. “I know what it feels like when you finish a tournament. Using emu oil eases the aches and pain and speeds recovery. “

How Does Emu Oil Work?

Emu oil penetrates deep into the skin, providing relief where it hurts the most. Since emu oil has such great penetration into the skin, it is a great carrier for other ingredients like essential oils and deep heating agents that also aid in soothing muscle pain and soreness.

Runners have found applying emu oil on blisters and then covering the area with a band aid encourages one-third faster healing.

Professional football and basketball team trainers are finding emu oil assists in rehabbing injured players as well as keeping players on the field and on the practice court when used with other sports medicine modalities.

Spectators at the triathlon Olympic trials in Dallas, Texas earlier this summer found out emu oil, indeed, takes the discomfort out of sunburn and prevents peeling and flaking skin.

And emu oil is not just for Olympians. Neighborhood athletes and “weekend warriors” who regularly use emu oil after workouts confirm that it speeds their recovery and keeps muscle and joint discomfort to a minimum. For those who ran the extra mile Saturday and are feeling it on Sunday, application of emu oil will relieve stressed muscles and joints by Monday.

Or for do-it-yourselfers deciding to take on a remodeling project over the weekend and can’t move a muscle by Saturday night – emu oil massaged into aching backs, strained neck muscles and painful biceps will bring relief after only a few applications. Or to speed soothing heat to any muscle, simply apply the Deep Heat or Ben-Gay over the aching joint or muscle and follow this with an application of emu oil.

“Medical researchers tell us emu oil contains effective transdermal carriers that move these balms right into the muscle and joint,” AEA President Williams points out. “So, you’re getting a mega-dose of relief when you apply soothing balms followed by an application of emu oil.”

Will emu oil give U.S. teams in Sydney an advantage over the competition? “We’re cheering for every team,” Williams said, “and we think athletes using emu oil will feel good enough after competition to enjoy Sydney and create enough memories to last a lifetime.”


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