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is offering great opportunities in the virtually untapped market of Emu Farming.

  The “most usable bird”- emus are raised for their oil, low-fat, protein-packed meat, fine leather, feathers, toenails, and exquisite green eggs.

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Raising Emus

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Breeding age birds

If you want to get started in Emu Farming there are a few breeding age birds available at the present time.
My Definition of a Breeder Bird: a farm raised emu chick that has been on quality AEA formulated emu feed, to be used for breeding purposes for the expansion of the emu farming industry.
We do not sell Emus for pets and we do not consider Emus that have been pets useable as quality breeding stock.
For more information contact : 

Emu Chicks
2014 Emu Chicks should be available early spring depending on how the hatching season goes.
All chicks will be sold as breeding stock, unrelated, healthy chicks. Check in spring for prices and availability.
I do not sell emu chicks for pets.

If you are looking to raise emu as a farm animal, chicks are the easiest to handle when they are small, and the most affordable.

All chicks have to be picked up at the farm.
We are located in Mauston, WI (just north of the WI Dells).
I do not ship emu chicks.
I will require a $10.00 deposit (per chick) to hold chicks over 1 week old.
Contact :

Richard & Eileen Clark
W2773 51st Street
Mauston, WI. 53948

Toll Free: 866-213-6818
 Phone: 608-847-5200
Fax: 866-213-6818

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