Emu Oil Offers Hope to Burn Victims
Some Physicians Using Emu Oil To Assist In Burn Treatment 


Dallas, Texas- Burn victims, unlike many other accident victims, are faced with a multitude of roadblocks on the road to recovery. Beyond the shock and trauma of the initial incident, they must endure agonizing pain, the ever-present risk of infections and the actual treatment of their wounds as well, which often entails scraping the burn site to promote new skin growth. The likelihood of extensive scarring without and sometimes even with numerous plastic surgical procedures is an ever-present anxiety as well. However, some physicians are finding that the addition of Emu oil to the treatment regime for burn victims is affording a ray of hope to the future recovery of some burn victims. 
Emu oil, in many circles, is known for its support of the healing process where tissue is involved. Dr. Dan Dean, a Mount Pleasant, MI physician, states that his use of emu oil has shown promise. "I have used emu oil extensively in the treatment of first, second and third degree burns, the doctor said. "In my opinion, emu oil greatly contributes to skin health, providing major benefits to the patient. The complex properties and makeup of emu oil are exceptional for overall assistance to burn victims. I repeatedly see positive results even in those with third degree burns," Dean states. 
Emu oil, with its totally natural properties, may offer burn victims and attending physicians some hope in the battle to promote new skin growth and find ways to lessen the extent of the prolonged and painful traditional treatments of skin scraping and numerous skin grafting in burn cases. 
For additional information on the use of emu oil in this and other medical situations, as well as the overall benefits derived from emu oil and meat products, visit the industry's web site at www.aea-emu.org today .
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