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Written in 1998

By Mutley Clark


I'm Mutley, and my owners are really

great people. They let me have the run

of the farm, feed me great meals invite

their grandkids up to play with me.


The only problem is, nobody else knows much about them.

So while they are gone to town, I decided to sneak down here and add this page to

their web site. Just to kind of let everyone else know a little bit about who they are

Richard & Eileen established Clark’s Hooves & Feathers in 1995. They have a

small 25 acre farm and are breeders of miniature horses and emu. They are

members of American Miniature Horse Association, American Miniature Horse

Registry, and the American Emu Association.

The farm is a labor of love. Day to day operations are handled by Richard &

Eileen, and during the summer months they have the help of their grandsons. who

live in the city, but love to come to the farm in the summer “to do chores and play

with me”.

Eileen & Richard chose miniature horses because of their gentle, affectionate nature, and small size. Caring for the

miniature horse is easy and can be done safely by a person of any age. The cost of maintaining a miniature horse is about

one-tenth the cost of maintaining a large horse. They make ideal pets for children, and are excellent companions for

adults, the handicapped, and senior citizens. Their farm has show quality horses, breeding stock, and horses that would

make ideal pets and companions.

As a member of the American Emu Association, they take an active role in an industry that is making headway into the

new millennium as consumers become more familiar with emu products.

The most valuable commodity of the emu is its oil. Health professionals aware of the healing properties of emu oil adapt

it into homeopathic treatments to temporarily relieve symptoms of arthritis, reduce bruising and muscle pain, and treat

eczema. Emu oil is anti-inflammatory; it reduces swelling and stiffness in joints, making it a growing favorite among

chiropractors and massage therapist. Emu oil has been proven to thicken the skin of the elderly by as much as 14 percent,

making it a natural anti-aging tool. A natural emollient, emu oil is used extensively in moisturizers and cosmetics because

it is highly penetrating, non-comedogenic (will not clog pores) and is a good emulsifier. Emu oil products are available in

natural product stores or by direct mail from the producers.

Well I have to go because they are back from the store.

Thanks for taking the time to read my contribution to the web site

Hope to see you at the farm some day



RIP 2003